About the company

TBC Bank Group PLC established Space International with the strategic aim of facilitating the group's global expansion efforts. In 2018, the team successfully introduced the pioneering neobank, Space, in Georgia. Building upon this success, subsequent efforts were directed towards the creation and launch of the fully digital bank in Uzbekistan, TBC UZ, in 2020. In a significant move towards enhancing its foothold in the Uzbek market, the group acquired Payme, a prominent local payments provider and esteemed brand among the Uzbek populace, in 2023.

Presently, a dedicated team of 1,700 professionals representing 17 nationalities collaborates to advance TBC's international presence. Space International spearheads the provision of cutting-edge technologies and top-tier professional services, while the local teams at Payme and TBC Uzbekistan drive sustained growth and operational excellence.

We are seeking an experienced and highly skilled Senior Data Scientist to join our digital bank. As a Senior Data Scientist, you will play a key role in leveraging advanced analytics, machine learning, and statistical modeling to drive data-driven insights and enhance our digital banking services. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams, analyze large and complex datasets, and develop predictive models to support strategic decision-making and improve customer experiences within the digital banking domain.

Analytical and Technical Skills: Proficiency in programming languages commonly used in data science, such as Python or R, and experience with data manipulation, analysis, and visualization libraries. Knowledge of SQL and databases is often required for working with structured data. Familiarity with machine learning libraries and frameworks. Familiarity with big data technologies and frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, or distributed computing.Knowledge of cloud platforms and services like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Statistical and Mathematical Knowledge: Strong understanding of statistical concepts and techniques such as hypothesis testing, regression analysis, clustering, and classification. Proficiency in mathematical concepts like linear algebra and calculus is beneficial for advanced modeling and algorithm development.

Machine Learning and Data Mining: Experience and knowledge of machine learning algorithms, including supervised and unsupervised learning techniques. Understanding of feature selection, model evaluation, and hyperparameter tuning. Familiarity with data mining concepts and methodologies.

Data Wrangling and Preprocessing: Ability to clean, preprocess, and transform raw and messy data into a usable format. Experience handling missing data, outlier detection, and feature engineering. Proficiency in data wrangling tools like pandas, data manipulation, and data transformation techniques.

Data Visualization: Proficiency in data visualization tools and libraries. Ability to create clear and informative visualizations to communicate findings and insights effectively.

Domain Knowledge: Familiarity with the specific domain or industry relevant to the position. Understanding of business processes and context can help in formulating relevant data-driven solutions and driving impact within the organization.

Communication and Presentation Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey complex findings and technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Ability to create clear and compelling presentations and reports.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to think creatively and develop innovative approaches to complex problems. Attention to detail and a curious mindset to explore data, identify patterns, and derive insights.

Collaboration and Teamwork: Ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams, collaborate with data engineers, data analysts, and business stakeholders. Willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies and tools.

Leadership and mentoring abilities: Senior data scientists are often expected to lead projects, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and mentor junior team members. Strong leadership, project management, and interpersonal skills are important for success in this role.

Continuous learning: Data science is a rapidly evolving field, and staying up to date with the latest advancements, tools, and techniques is essential for a senior data scientist. Demonstrating a passion for continuous learning and professional development is highly valued.

Familiarity with big data technologies and frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, or distributed computing.

Knowledge of cloud platforms and services like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

What We Offer:

  • Full support and career-development resources to maximize your potential along our career journey
  • Market competitive total compensation package
  • 100% company-paid for every employee’s medical insurance
  • Benefits and incentives to stay healthy and fit
  • English language classes
  • Possibility to be involved in an international project
  • Hybrid working model, ensuring a good work-life balance
  • Junk Fridays, fruit days, terrace BBQs, and many more

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